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Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course

This course will teach you how to improve your website's visibility locally, globally, and on mobile searches — all of this with SEMrush tools. After completing the course, you will have sufficient knowledge to take and pass the accompanying test and carry on studying the SEMrush SEO toolkit.

8 lessons

Exclusive video lessons with passionate digital marketer Ashley Ward

1 hour

Learn how to do mobile, international, and local SEO with SEMrush tools

100% free

The course is 100% free. Save your money for your future marketing activities

Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course Contents

  • Module 1. Mobile SEO

    You will learn about mobile SEO and find out how to keep up with new developments in mobile search with SEMrush tools.

    Key points of the module:
    • Mobile databases, website speed and AMP checks

    • Optimizing for voice search and hunting down the featured snippet

    • Optimizing for SERP features

  • Module 2. International SEO

    You will learn how to help search engines determine which sections of your site and what content suits a specific location and language best, avoiding technical international SEO-related issues.

    Key points of the module:
    • Hreflang validation

    • Other tips and hacks for International SEO with SEMrush

  • Module 3. Local SEO

    You will check your website’s performance in terms of internal linking and learn how to fix linking errors, keeping your website healthy.

    Key points of the module:
    • Optimizing for local SEO

    • Tracking local competition

    • Getting into the Local pack

Who is this course for?

If you’re running your business across different countries, or just want to promote your products and services to local customers, or achieve better ranking in mobile search, you will definitely want to take this course to learn how SEMrush can help you out. You’ll be guided through all the necessary tools in a series of free video lessons.

About the author

This course was prepared by a team of skilled SEMrush professionals. To provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge, we designed it together with the creators of SEMrush, who know it better than anyone in the world!

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