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Digiligo is an agile, smart, and innovative company working in the digital marketing, customer experience, and digital branding space.

With its expertise and capabilities, the company in the collective has driven over $96 million in digital revenues for its clients across the globe. The company is at the forefront of innovations to help organizations, startups, and NPOs build their future the way their customers want in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Good times or bad times, our team of creative thinkers, growth hackers, designers, and developers are at the forefront of helping companies identify their true potential in the digital space. 

We understand the importance of impactful digital experiences and empowering content to help our clients move their businesses forward. Digiligo has a 3-set belief system that allows our clients to trust us in delivering their projects and driving digital revenues. These are:

  • Delivery Oriented
  • Data Driven
  • Open Minded

We love collaboration more than just competition. 

Employee experience is as important as Customer experience. 

Creativity, hand in hand with Technology is a game changer. 

Casos de éxito


The client was running ads on Google and Facebook with just over 3-4X ROAS on his products. Scaling to a higher ROAS within 3 months was a tough challenge due to factors like limited reach availability, restricted ad copies, and no creative support.


Creative strategy, informative/text-based videos and gifs, simple ad copies for high conversion rates, and optimization across product categories on Shopify. Re-structuring pixels, analytics, and using past data to optimize the current campaigns. Location and product category-based campaigns helped.


Decrease in return rates of product from 44% to 18% Increase ROAS from 3X to 8X in month 2 and thereafter 18X on month 4 Consistently struck 10X ROAS across all campaigns across 12 months Some campaigns struck 44X ROAS on certain days of the month Increase engagement across ad copies


The client is in a very competitive space which is dominated by top marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart etc. The client wanted to rank all his ethnic wear products on the top pages, but keyword difficulty and keyword competition were extremely high. The client was only generating INR 40,000.


Semantic SEO, clear structuring of the website, products and all webpages. Continous blogging and content syndication. PR to increase the trust score of the website, most of the PR was driven for a reason and not just for backlinks. Implemented structured content and efficient customer journey.


The client started seeing results in month 3, and revenues had increased by almost 300%. With consistent SEO and organic activities across social media, the outcome by the 8th month was consistent revenues of INR 10,00,000 per month, and INR 15,00,000 per month by the 10th month. A 2400% ++ growth.


High cost per admit, high cost per lead/cost per call across their paid search. SEO was done very poorly, with a lot of spammy backlinks and the website being flagged by Google almost. Most PPC Campaigns were on Google search due to restrictions, and the completion was 95%


Location-driven campaign structures, SKAGs for top 5 keywords across the USA, and highly converting ad copies with clear-cut extensions and site links. Landing page deployment for over 100 cities in the USA. SEO: Disavowed all spammy backlinks while building new ones, keyword niche optimization


Cost per conversion reduced from $5000 to $1800 Cost per call/lead reduced from $250 to $85. Spam score reduced from 17% to 1%. Organic keywords ranking increased from 150 to 1250 keywords. Total backlinks reduced from 14K to just 3K high-quality backlinks. Both PPC/SEO drove 12X revenues

  • $2,500 +
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