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Ana Camarena

content writing manager AT SemrushAna Camarena leads a team of writers at Semrush, where she is focused on scaling content production and ensuring the delivery of high-quality articles for the blog. With ten years of experience in content marketing and SEO, she has developed and implemented content strategies for international B2B companies to boost leads and brand awareness. Her primary aim is to deliver helpful and actionable content that not only engages readers but also drives business growth.
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Cómo crear un plan de contenidos paso a paso desde cero

Plan de Contenidos: Cómo Crearlo, Paso a Paso

Con un plan de contenidos eficaz (a veces también llamado “calendario de contenido“ o “calendario editorial“), puedes priorizar tareas, organizar el proceso de creación y realizar un seguimiento del progreso.
may 30, 2023