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Google Looker Studio Сonnectors

Add Semrush data into your Google Looker Studio reports to amplify your business presentation. Turn data into appealing visuals and create custom dashboards for your clients.

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Comunica las métricas clave a los clientes

Google Looker Studio For SEO Reporting

La palabra SEO significa una gran cantidad de datos, así como infinitas capas de números y estadísticas. Hacer llegar esta información y las métricas clave de rendimiento a tus clientes puede ser frustrante.

El poder de la visualización

Google Looker Studio is a free powerful data visualization tool introduced by Google that provides the opportunity to visually present and deliver complex metrics in a way that’s easy to understand. As an SEO expert, you know how much data you need to look through. Any clients who are unfamiliar with search optimization can be overwhelmed by the numbers in your SEO reports. Fortunately, data visualization can help you present your key metrics in a clear and user-friendly way.

Fuentes de datos

Google Looker Studio allows you to combine data from various sources such as Google Analytics, MySQL, BigQuery, YouTube and a lot more. The tool has a robust interface with drag-and-drop widgets from your connections. You can also integrate Google Looker Studio reports in your website by inserting a simple code snippet into your web pages. Access data from over 190 sources, including Semrush Domain Analytics and Position Tracking!

Connecting Semrush to Google Looker Studio

Usa los conectores de Rastreo de posición de Semrush y Análisis de dominio para crear tus cuadros de mando e informes.

Para visualizar tus datos, sigue los siguientes pasos:

  1. Autoriza a tu cuenta de Google y de Semrush para que accedan a los datos y añádelos a GDS.
  2. Elige los parámetros de tu informe.
  3. Selecciona "Conectar" y configura opciones y parámetros adicionales.
  4. Select “Create Report”, which will redirect you to the Google Looker Studio report builder.
  5. Crea tu propio informe SEO mejorado con los poderosos datos de Semrush.
¡Añade datos de Semrush a tu informe!

¿Cómo empezar a usarlo?

The whole process of connecting your underlying data is much easier than it sounds and involves two main components: Google Looker Studio data connectors and data sources.

Visualiza y personaliza los datos

Tus datos sin procesar se transformarán en información organizada y con sentido, generando gráficos y cuadros fáciles de digerir. Tus datos se almacenan en un panel totalmente personalizable. Con un editor de arrastrar y soltar, puedes crear gráficos circulares, gráficos de barras, mapas geográficos, tablas de datos y más.

Extrae datos de múltiples fuentes

Google Looker Studio allows you to easily access a wide variety of data. You can pull numbers from both sources associated with Google (Search Console, Ads, Sheets, etc.) and non-Google platforms (Facebook, Reddit, etc.). You can show website performance based on multiple sources in the same report, enabling your clients to see the bigger picture.

Comparte tus datos con tus clientes con facilidad

Whether you want to share with individuals or teams, just send them a link. The dashboards you create in Google Looker Studio are interactive, so you and your team, or your clients, can update information in real time. Save your report as a PDF file and send it to your business partners or clients whenever you want.

Convierte números sin procesar en informes SEO interactivos