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Troubleshooting My Reports

Troubleshooting My Reports

In this article, you will learn about basic troubleshooting steps that can help you resolve the most common issues related to My Reports.

Check if there are broken widgets inside the report. You will need to reset the broken widgets or delete them. Then try generating the report again.

If you’re a user of a corporate account and cannot schedule reports due to a limit error, make sure that the owner has shared the reporting limits with you.

If you have a long PDF report, note that there is a technical limitation of 50 images per file. Any reports where the number of images exceeds the limit won’t be generated.

Generation of some big reports may take more time than a few seconds. The speed depends on the general number of widgets in the report, as well as the number of widgets that are using integrations with external services like Google Analytics.

Once your report is generated, it will be sent out to the recipients or you can find it in the Report List. By clicking on “Generate PDF” you can access all report versions to check when exactly each one has been generated.

My Reports – a list of all generated reports appears when you click the "PDF" button next to a report.

Please go to the corresponding tool in Semrush where My Reports pulls data from and double check if the metrics are available in the interface. If the metrics are not shown in the corresponding tool, this may be caused by a certain limitation of that tool or your subscription plan.

If you get blank widgets in the report or cannot apply changes to the widgets, please use a standard browser troubleshooting, sometimes browser extensions or vpn can interfere with the tool and affect the widgets:

  • clear cache and cookies of your browser (ctrl+shift+delete/ shift+command+backspace; set time range to All time); 
  • disable browser extensions;
  • disable vpn.

If an integration with one of the services has expired, you will see a notification at the top of your report and an exclamation mark in the affected widget.

An example of the notification about expire access at the top of the report, and a widget with an exclamation mark.

To regain access, please click the “Refresh access” button in the widget and follow the instructions.

A pop-up window with the Refresh access button for Facebook Ads.A pop-up window with the Access refreshed button for Facebook Ads.

Once access is refreshed, we automatically trigger affected widgets to re-collect data.

An example of the widget after refreshed connection – the label says 'We are collecting your data'.

Currently, there is a limit for the number of GBP accounts and associated locations that we can display - 20 accounts and 100 locations.

There are two possible workarounds in this case:

  • Splitting locations into “location groups”. To learn more about it, please refer to this article in GBP Help Center.
  • Sharing the required locations with another GBP account and connecting that account to the GBP widget.
Make sure that the time frame selected in the widgets is Last X days, not custom. When a specific custom time frame is selected, the data will always be pulled for that period of time.
Check your spam folder and make sure that is not blacklisted by your mail service.

If you need personal assistance, please contact our Support team. Don’t forget to specify the email address associated with your Semrush account and attach the link of the report. Our Customer Support Team will be happy to support you on any matter!

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  • Troubleshooting My Reports
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