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What is the Rephraser feature and how does it work?

The Rephraser is a feature available in SEO Writing Assistant. It helps writers and marketers save time on rewriting short pieces of text. It uses an AI algorithm that analyzes thousands of existing articles and comes up with smart ways to rephrase your copy without losing its meaning. It works best with short bits of text (20 – 130 characters). The limits for this feature are dependent on the subscription level and can be found here

where to find rephraser

With the Rephraser feature, you can rephrase, simplify, expand or summarize parts of your content. The AI algorithm will generate a paraphrased/simplified/extended/summarized piece of text, which you can then use. 

Rephrase option

Simplifying in Rephraser

Expanding in Rephraser

Summarizing in the Rephraser

Here’s how you might use this feature: 

  • Repurpose your original text and adapt it to various channels
  • Overcome “writer’s block”’ when rephrasing copy 
  • Improve your copy to avoid tautologies and redundancies
  • Find new ways of structuring sentences and paragraphs
  • Quickly rework text if the SEO Writing Assistant detected plagiarism in your copy 
  • Create a short summary of a longer article

Please note that the Rephraser tool should not be used without human supervision. Instead, it helps you and your writers save energy on performing routine editing work. 

This feature is based on your original selection - so, there’s a chance that the generated text might need revisions. Make sure to manually check each rewritten piece of copy before publishing it. Learn more about Google’s guidelines for generated content here.

At the moment, the Rephraser works with the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Turkish