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SEO Reporting Software for Agencies and Marketers

SEO Reporting Software for Agencies and Marketers

SEO, or search engine optimization, has revolutionized the way that companies manage and maintain their digital presence. With the power of Google to drive potential customers to your business simply based on your relevance to key search terms around your (or your clients’) business, knowing your SEO strengths and weaknesses is a must in the globalized economy. But this knowledge isn’t just about knowing the principles of SEO. It’s also about having a good SEO reporting tool that can deliver you relevant data in an ever-changing digital landscape.

SEO reporting tools come in many forms, but the best SEO reporting tools offer customizable data sets and features to help you tailor your content strategy and website design with an eye toward maximizing your search placements. The good news is that effective SEO reporting tools don’t require an SEO specialist to be useful to you or your agency. In fact, modern SEO reporting software can now automate much of what an SEO specialist would deliver for you. This means that even users who are less tech-savvy can create effective SEO strategies for their businesses, big or small.

SEO reporting tool: what to include in your SEO report

But how do you select the right SEO reporting software? What features should you focus on when choosing between SEO reporting tools for your needs? Let’s explore the basics of SEO reporting tools and what you should consider when you are choosing the right one for you.

What Is SEO Reporting Software?

SEO reporting software provides tools that can evaluate a website’s placement in Google search algorithms for important keywords and phrases. Because Google is the primary source for a vast majority of people around the world for finding businesses and services they need, having your website place on the first page of an important search term can drive impressive amounts of business and traffic to your website with significantly less cost than traditional advertising.

More importantly, SEO software goes beyond simply measuring your website’s current placement in search rankings. It also provides recommendations and opportunities for improving your website placement, through content creation and with opposition data about your competitors’ standing for similar terms. Here are a few of the most useful tools and features that the best SEO reporting software offers users:

  • Keyword data - as noted above, a good SEO reporting tool can track hundreds of targeted keywords that are relevant to your business. This data can be updated daily (or even more frequently) to give you a constant picture of how your website is performing in Google search rankings.
  • Keyword research tools - to discover valuable opportunities for growth or placements that your team may not have targeted already, SEO reporting tools also can assist in keyword research. Providing data like search volume and expected competition for a keyword, keyword research tools can help inform your content or SEO targeting strategies and remove the guesswork.
  • Linkbuilding tools - the best SEO reporting tools also include backlink tracking algorithms, which can help you identify websites with existing links to yours, as well as potentially harmful links from untrustworthy sites that you may wish to disconnect.
  • Site architecture evaluation and site audits - an often forgotten component of SEO is the structure of your website, and which pages live underneath others. SEO reporting tools can also evaluate your existing site architecture to provide tips and useful data for considering how to structure your landing pages, internal links between pages, and user experience elements like load time to better inform ongoing website development.

What Are the Best SEO Reporting Tools?

So what are the best SEO reporting tools that you can use for your needs? Here are five of the most effective SEO reporting tools to choose from:

1. Semrush

Semrush My Reports offers and SEO reporting platform that includes nearly two dozen different useful SEO reporting tools to give users a complete picture of their SEO positions. Beyond providing real-time tracking and reporting of SEO data, the Semrush SEO reporting platform has a variety of tools to inform business strategy, including content creation suggestion tools, linkbuilding opportunities, and others. No matter how big or small your SEO needs, the Semrush SEO reporting tools can tackle every need of your business or your clients.

Template gallery in Semrush My Reports

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular SEO reporting tool, offering a similar set of features to Semrush to help inform ongoing content and targeting strategies. Ahrefs offers several different plans that allow users to select different levels of features or account managers, and can handle everything from keyword research to strategy needs.

seo reports for clients

3. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is a similar SEO reporting platform that offers a smaller feature set that might be good for users with more limited SEO research needs. Heavily focused on the keyword side of SEO, Nightwatch is a good choice for users who may be just getting started on SEO strategy and need a tool focused on the basics of those areas.

online seo reporting tool

4. Google Analytics

For users who are mostly interested in keeping tabs on their existing SEO rankings and placements, it’s always a good idea to go straight to the source. Google Analytics offers a free version for tracking site engagement, evaluating which keywords are driving users to your website, and some basic SEO research and strategy features for limited SEO needs.

seo reporting tool for seo companies

5. KWFinder

Another tool that focuses primarily on the keyword strategy side of SEO, KWFinder provides users with a set of tools to evaluate opportunities for improving keyword placement and generate useful content for SEO purposes. Like other options on this list, there are different subscription plans and tiers to allow access to the exact level of tools you would need for your purposes.

seo reporting tool online

How to Do an SEO Report in Semrush?

So is it hard to use SEO reporting tools? Not at all! Semrush offers a suite of SEO reporting tools that can all be created and customized quickly and easily. Curious on how to do an SEO report in Semrush? Let’s walk you through the steps to get started:

  1. Create your free Semrush account - you can try the powerful suite of Semrush SEO reporting tools by creating your free trial account here.
  2. Choose the My Reports tool after you have logged in - Semrush offers the ability to run a wide variety of different reports, not just for SEO purposes but in other digital marketing and business intelligence areas. Visit the My Reports page, where you can create any automated report you need.
  3. Click on the SEO toggle on the left navigation to view all available reporting features and choose the right one for your needs - you can browse the nearly two dozen different unique and customizable SEO report options that Semrush offers to choose the right one for you. From keyword tracking to site audits, linkbuilding to local SEO, you can generate all of the SEO reports you need.
  4. Create your custom SEO report with drag-and-drop widgets and features - whether you want to integrate your existing Google account data, do competitive research, perform a repeating site audit, or do competitive analysis, simply click on “Create Report” and then use the drag-and-drop interface to design your ideal SEO report.
  5. Wondering how to make automated SEO reports? - this is simple with Semrush as well! As you create your report, you can choose from Semrush automation features to set the frequency and destination of the report you have created. Reports can be sent to various team members and stakeholders, generated daily, weekly, or monthly, and also offer a custom reply-to address feature, where you can add your signature and keep your own branding front and center for use with clients of your business.

Final Thoughts

By using an SEO reporting tool like the ones offered by Semrush, you can help your business or your clients stay ahead of the competition by always knowing the best opportunities for growth or future SEO expansion. The customization and variety of SEO reporting tools included in your Semrush account allow you to compete with any business, big or small, and constantly adjust your SEO reporting needs to meet any shifting business environment.

Best of all, Semrush SEO reporting software will also give you real and actionable data that can let you or your clients avoid guesswork and make well-informed and strategic decisions to make the most of your advertising or content budgets.

Ready to get started with your SEO research and reporting? Start creating your custom SEO reports here.


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