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Why Do My Keywords Show n/a Under CPC and /or Volume?

Why Do My Keywords Show n/a Under CPC and /or Volume? Question

If you see an "n/a" symbol under Volume or CPC in your Position Tracking project, it means that the given keyword has too low of a search volume or CPC to be displayed.

The Position Tracking tool can gather information on any possible keyword, even if it is not popular enough for SEMrush to carry in one of our databases.

If you see an n/a symbol in the Volume column, it means that the keyword has less than 10 average monthly searches in your set location.

If you see an n/a symbol in the CPC column, it means that we haven’t found any information telling us that advertisers are bidding on that keyword yet.

However, if the keyword has a higher search volume than 10 within SEMrush’s Domain Analytics and you still see “n/a”, this could be due to the name of the location specified in the setup wizard of your project.

While we can pull local rankings data on any geographic location, there are some cases where the name of the location set has to match what our system can analyze volumes for.

For example, we cannot pull volume for a location labelled “Brooklyn, New York” or “Manhattan, New York.” However, we can pull volume if you set your location to “New York, New York.”

So it may take some trial and error to choose the right location that you want to track if you need to see local volume data.