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Making the transition from Heatmap to Map Rank Tracker

Making the transition from Heatmap to Map Rank Tracker

The Heatmap report in the Listing Management dashboard will be gradually discontinued. 

To continue monitoring positions on Google Maps, head over to Map Rank Tracker, an advanced successor to Heatmap that provides greater flexibility in setup options and improved precision. 

Here are some key benefits of Map Rank Tracker: 

  • The tool is a standalone solution, allowing for separate purchases without needing a Semrush Core (Pro, Guru, Business) or Local subscription. However, it is also included in the Semrush Local Premium plan.
  • It enables you to track the rankings of ANY business without needing a Google Business Profile connection. If it’s in Google Maps - we’ll find it.
  • It provides exceptional granularity and flexibility with more keywords available to track, a customizable reporting schedule, and varied map grid options:
    • 100 keywords available to track for each business; 
    • Flexible reporting schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, or custom);
    • More grid variations: 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 13x13, 15x15 available


We will execute the transition in three stages and keep you informed about timelines for each:

1 2 3
  • New Heatmaps cannot be created (existing heatmaps will continue collecting data)
  • Heatmap auto-setups are disabled
  • Editing of keywords for existing Heatmaps is not permitted
  • Existing Heatmap reports will stop collecting data, and weekly reports will no longer receive updates
  • Old reports will still be available
  • The Heatmap will be fully closed, making it inaccessible in the interface, and old data will no longer be viewable.

Be aware that historical data from the Heatmap report will not be transferred to Map Rank Tracker and will be deleted by approximately May 1. To safeguard your historical data, please export your reports in PDF format before that. 


You can get Map Rank Tracker credits by:

  • Purchasing Map Rank Tracker as a standalone solution for $30 per month
    • Includes one campaign and 4,000 credits
  • Subscribing to the Semrush Local Premium plan at $40 per month
  • The free plan
    • Includes one campaign and 50 credits 

Current Semrush Local Premium users already have allocated Map Rank Tracker limits, allowing you to initiate new campaigns without additional charges.

To find more pricing information, see this article.  

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