What Are SERP Features? Question

SERP Features are results within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that are highlighted on the page. These features can vary from Instant Answers for questions to Image Carousels. Take a look at this infographic that breaks down the different types of SERP Features:


What Are SERP Features? image 1

To learn more about SERP Features, please download our guide through the button below.


You can find SERP Features within the following tools in SEMrush:

  • SEO Ideas - Receive recommendations to rank within various SERP Features.
  • Position Tracking - Filter keyword rankings by SERP Features
  • Organic Research - Filter organic rankings for domains by SERP Features
  • Sensor - Discover which SERP Features are the most relevant to various industries
  • Keyword Magic Tool - Filter your keyword results by SERP Features
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool - Display the various special results from the Google Knowledge Graph that a specific keyword triggers. 
    • You can open the SERP source snapshot to view how a SERP Feature appeared on the results page.


SERP Features Guide


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