Free Google Review Link and QR Code Generator


How to use your link or QR code to get reviews

With Semrush's free generator, getting your customers to write reviews has never been easier. Create links and codes in just a few clicks, and place them anywhere to send customers directly to your Google reviews.

On your website

On your website

On leaflets and flyers

On leaflets and flyers

In customer emails

In customer emails

On business cards

On business cards


Start building your online reputation today

Review Management

Your next five-star review is just a click away…


Enhance your online presence

Leverage customer reviews to improve your business' search engine rankings. Google loves businesses with plenty of positive reviews and gives them more visibility to potential customers. Outshine competitors that don't understand the power of review generation and drive more Google traffic to your doorstep.


Generate Google review links fast

Nobody wants to navigate through an online maze just to leave feedback. Remove the barriers to writing reviews by providing a straightforward, one-click solution for your customers. Our tool's ability to quickly generate Google review links makes it easier than ever to improve your ratings.


Create a Google review QR code generators for instant access

QR codes remove friction by providing a fast track to your profile. A quick scan with a smartphone camera lets customers jump straight to where they can leave their valuable feedback. From business cards and product packaging to in-store signage and receipts, you can place QR codes practically anywhere!


Build trust with potential customers

A huge 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 47% tell their friends when they've had a positive experience. Positive, authentic reviews speak volumes about the quality of your product or service. By making it easier to post reviews, you'll become more trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.


Maximize your local marketing strategy with Semrush's Review Management


Semrush's Google Review Link Generator is a great way to start growing your review collection. However, to take your reputation to the next level, you'll need the Review Management tool on your side.

With Review Management as part of your strategy, you'll get the most value out of your feedback, with:

  • review monitoring
  • competitor review analytics
  • easy-to-use AI reply tools
  • reply rate tracker
  • and more powerful features from the Semrush Local suite…

Ready to elevate your review game?

Explore Semrush's Review Management today and transform the way you interact with your customer's feedback.

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