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Plataforma de Contenidos de SEMrush: Nuevos Precios en Octubre

Esperamos que no hayas perdido la oportunidad de explorar algunas de nuestras funciones de contenido de SEMrush favoritas que ofrecemos a todos nuestros usuarios. Esperamos que tengas un buen presentimiento de lo que SEMrush puede hacer por tu marketing de contenidos. Leer más… SEMrush: Plataforma de Contenidos de SEMrush: Nuevos Precios en Octubre imagen 1

Descubre a los mejores participantes y compara el sector con Market Explorer

El estudio de mercado puede ponerte por delante de tu competencia directa, y aquí es donde Market Explorer sale a la luz. Una nueva herramienta de SEMrush puede ayudarte a descubrir los mejores participantes de cualquier sector, destacar las compañías con las que quieras compararte y descubrir los intereses de la audiencia del mercado en un solo click. Leer más…SEMrush: Descubre a los mejores participantes y compara el sector con Market Explorer imagen 1

SEMrush Content Marketplace: Traffic-driving Content in a Few Clicks

If you’ve been with us long enough, you probably know how our product has grown — SEMrush started as an SEO toolkit as well as a keyword research solution. Read more...

SEMrush Content Marketplace banner

Keyword Database: Over 30% Increase

We remember the day in 2017 when we joyfully informed you that the Keyword Magic tool database exceeds       2 billion keywords, but can you imagine that with this update the US base alone began to contain more than          2 billion keywords? We are so happy and proud of this. And not only the US database, each country’s database increased. Read more...

Keyword Database - Over 30% Increase

Projects: New Management Opportunities

Do you believe you can chase two hares and catch both? Then what about five, fifty, or even two hundred? Remembering the details of all your SEMrush projects is not easy, especially if at the beginning of your journey to online visibility you called your first projects something like “Competitor 1”, “Competitor 2”, and “Competitor 3”. Read more...

SEMrush Projects

Listing Management is Available for the UK!

Listing Management bannerThe last ever printed Yellow Pages in the UK was circulated in January this year, and, obviously, the age of the printed phone directory is over. Local SEO has gone ‘global’, as more and more people are turning to the Web to find information about local businesses. Read more...

Brand Monitoring: Multiple Locations Search

In a perfect world, businesses should have no borders. We know how important it is to allow you to track your brand’s online reputation all over the world. And though there’s no such thing as perfection, there’s always room for improvement. Keeping this in mind, we have modified the logical line of work of our Brand Monitoring tool, and you really should check it out! Read more...

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Investigación orgánica: historial del posicionamiento de una palabra clave

¿Tu web está afectada por la canibalización de palabras clave? ¿Quieres saber cómo ha conseguido un competidor liderar las mejores posiciones o durante cuánto tiempo? ¿O qué páginas de tus competidores están posicionando por una palabra clave en un periodo de tiempo dado? ¡Puedes conseguir respuestas a estas preguntas con la ayuda de la nueva función de Investigación Orgánica! Leer más…

SEMrush: Investigación orgánica: historial del posicionamiento de una palabra clave imagen 1

Oppty: New Leads Order and Delivery Features

Opportunities are never lost, and it only rests with you whether they are seized by you or someone else. Our recently released tool offers you the advantage of being quicker and smarter when it comes to finding perfect leads. With Oppty, detecting and qualifying prospects takes mere minutes. Read more...

OPPTY: New Leads Order and Delivery Features

SEO Writing Assistant: New Design. Improved Functionality

Believe it or not, our highly acclaimed super feature for content writers is now even better! The SEO Writing Assistant has undergone some significant changes that will enhance your content writing and analyzing experience. Let’s get to them now. Read more...SWA news banner