Advertising Research – the Latest Updates

July 26, 2019image

Meet the new, reinforced and upgraded Advertising Research report – a more accurate, comprehensive and intelligent version of the Advertising Toolkit's finest!

So here's what's new:

1. Extended Database

They say you can't track every single keyword on the Internet, but here at SEMrush we'll never stop trying! So here's to yet another massive expansion of our databases:

  • The US desktop database now spans over 160 million keywords;
  • The UK desktop database has gained a whole 4 million new items, for a total of 24 million keywords;
  • The German desktop database has grown from 12 to 24 million keywords;
  • The Spanish desktop database has made a leap from 6 to 20 million keywords;
  • Our Canadian desktop database can now offer 20 million keywords;
  • And finally, the New Zealand desktop database gets a massive boost from just 200 thousand to 3 million keywords.

2. New Features

Top 5 Competitors

With this new feature, you can now spot the top 5 competitors challenging your advertising dominance for each and every keyword you see in the Positions tab. Just click on the ‘>’ button in the table to expand the new section, as shown in the example below:


Display Advertising Preview

From now on, whenever you research a domain, we'll let you know if it has any ad campaigns running. Media ads, HTML ads, Text ads – you name it, none shall escape your notice. Just look for the new alert box at the top of the interface, it looks something like this:


3. Increased Accuracy

Last, but certainly not least – we've finally squashed a technical issue that may have caused some inconsistencies in the report's data. Ouch! Worry not though, as of the latest update, the said issue has been resolved, and both the accuracy and reliability of all estimated values provided in the Advertising Research report have been vastly improved.

And that does it for this update! We hope you have a blast with the new buffed-up Advertising Research and are anxious to know what you think of all the changes. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcome at Thank you for helping us make SEMrush better!

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