Domain Analytics: Data Feed Goes Live

February 15, 2019image

"You can't always be the strongest or most talented or most gifted person in the room, but you can be the most competitive," Pat Summitt once said. With the latest Domain Analytics updates, you’ll be able to put this wisdom into action and be the first to learn about all changes in your competitors’ domains visibility.

What’s Different

Following our users’ comments and requests, we’ve made significant changes to our data collection and visualization mechanisms.

Live Trend Plotting

All the graphs and tables in the Domain OverviewOrganic Research, Advertising Research, and PLA Research tools are now replotted and rearranged on the go based on the filters you choose.


Depending on the purpose of the analysis you can look at the data for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or all time available.

To make the analysis quicker, we have also improved page load speed for all reports and made

  • Advertising research 10% faster,
  • Organic research 40% faster,
  • PLA research 75% faster than before.

Extra Precision

With all of these improvements we didn’t lose but increased the precision of data you can get from SEMrush.

Now, to look at a separate subdomain or URL of your rival’s domain you should just choose accordingly when filling in the search bar.


This option is available in Organic Research, Advertising Research, and PLA Research.

Besides that, we have started to take SERP Features and branded keywords into account when calculating estimated traffic. For example, if a keyword is branded then our tool shows more traffic for the links from the domain that owns the keyword. The same applies to SERP features. Such logic lets us better predict user behavior and calculate estimated traffic that comes from organic search to the website.

Advanced Filtering and Columns Manager

To let you tailor obtained data to your needs we’ve introduced to new filters into Organic Research Positions and Position Changes reports. Now to find the most potent keywords you or your competitor’s website ranks for in Google’s TOP 20 or on page 3 of the search results you can just filter the list of detected keywords by position and search volume.


Then, for a clearer view, you can hide parts of the displayed data with the help of the Manage columns button.


All the filters’ settings are saved and will remain the same for any domain you enter until you decide to change them.

More Perks

The changes in Domain Analytics touched upon Keyword Gap and SEMrush Ranks  too, bringing more speed to the first and more precision to the second.

And finally, you’ll have no problem dealing with all the listed tools and reports as we have prepared localized versions of the related pages for all the languages supported by the SEMrush interface: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

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