Find More Insights with Upgraded SERP Features Data

April 11, 2023image

Do you wish you could know how much traffic your competitor gets from their SERP feature rankings? Now you can find out.

Today, we’re rolling out an update that changes how we collect and present data on SERP features.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. You can see which SERP feature positions a domain ranks for and how much estimated traffic it gets from each ranking
  2. You can see how a domain’s SERP feature rankings impact its trend in traffic over time
  3. The total number of SERP features we can track in Organic Research has increased from 24 to 38

Here’s what it looks like in Organic Research:


The newly added SERP features that you can now track and analyze on Semrush include:

  • Short Videos
  • Web Stories
  • Applications
  • Application Lists
  • Recipes
  • Twitter Carousels
  • Find Results On
  • Indented Results
  • News Results
  • Events
  • Address Packs
  • See Results About
  • Related Searches
  • Related Products
  • Popular Products

We think this update will help you take your SEO competitive analysis to the next level. Go deeper, get more granular, and find more specific insights and opportunities to get an edge on the SERPs.

Try it out by entering any domain into Organic Research.

The update will also impact Domain Overview, Keyword Overview, and Keyword Magic Tool, as well as our API. Check out the API documentation here.