FindThatLead Domain Searcher: No more waiting for customers to find your business

November 7, 2022image

FindThatLead Domain Searcher: No more waiting for customers to find your business

Email lead generation has a response rate that is nearly 10 times greater than other channels. Reaching out to a prospect with a personal email introducing yourself is the single most effective strategy to land your next big sale. The challenge lies in finding the active email addresses of key decision-makers. You can easily end up spending more time on company research and less time talking to customers. 


If you think your outbound lead generation strategies are not working, Semrush App Center has a solution. FindThatLead Domain Searcher — An app that helps you discover hot B2B leads in seconds. You can finally create a lead generation strategy based on solid data.

What is FindThatLead Domain Searcher?

FindThatLead Domain Searcher is an app that gives back control to you and your sales team. You can use it to proactively search for leads, start discussions and convert them before your competitors. All you have to do is enter your target’s company name or website. The app gives you a list of key employees with their email addresses.  It frees you to do what you are best at—connect with prospects and land that deal! 


How can FindThatLead Domain Searcher skyrocket your B2B sales today?

FindThatLead Domain Searcher is an app made by salespeople for salespeople. The team behind the app has personal experience with lead generation challenges and has created a solution that will work seamlessly with your existing processes. You can use the app to:

  • Find essential contact information such as email addresses and job titles of all employees in any organization.
  • Discover company information like location, related websites, and company social media in a single click.
  • Instantly verify the accuracy of emails found to keep bounce rates to a minimum. 
  • Extract and export all your results so you can use them later or store them for future use.
  • Run different searches on your competitors and use that information to grow your business.

Use FindThatLead Domain Searcher to feed more deals to your sales team, reduce the time spent on lead qualification, and accelerate your sales today!

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