Introducing Summarizer: New SEO Writing Assistant Feature Helps You Summarize Text Quickly & Easily

May 4, 2023image

Semrush is jazzed to announce a new feature in our SEO Writing Assistant.

You may already know SEO Writing Assistant as a smart writing tool that helps you optimize your copy for engagement and SEO.

The new Summarizer feature allows users to generate a succinct summary from a longer piece of content in a flash. It’s a super-fast way to express your main ideas concisely and efficiently.

Now you can say more with less text—and in less time.

Use Summarizer To Simplify Your Content Creation

The new Summarizer feature is an added benefit to an existing fan-favorite feature within SEO Writing Assistant: the AI Rephraser, which saves you time by writing bits of text using AI.

Now, with the addition of the Summarizer feature, you can get your main points across even faster. The Summarizer feature will help you:

  • Transform long text into digestible and engaging copy
  • Strengthen your writing by making your bright ideas clearer
  • Create more quality content with ease and in less time

You no longer have to spend valuable hours struggling to convey your ideas or summarizing your content to get more customers—this tool does it for you in seconds.

How To Use the New Summarizer Feature

Begin using Summarizer by heading to the SEO Writing Assistant tool and plugging your text into the AI Rephraser feature.

Click the “Summarize” button and watch the AI work its magic from there. In a few seconds, you will have not one but three (!) intelligent summaries to choose from.


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The Sooner You Get Started, the Sooner You Build Quality Content

Getting to the point has never been easier. Produce compelling descriptions, convert dense copy into digestible content, and make expressing your ideas a breeze with the Summarizer feature.

Get started ASAP to create better content for your customers.

Create and optimize quality content with ease

Improve, rewrite, simplify, expand, and summarize your copy with SEO Writing Assistant.

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