Remastered Organic Research Reports: Filtered Data on the Fly

June 21, 2018image

SEMrush continues to fulfill the plans announced at the beginning of the year. Following a major step in improving the data quality, we are launching an updated version of Organic Research and invite you to test it.

Organic Research reports have always been of great practical value for those looking to analyze their competitors’ websites, from search traffic and ranking changes to organic keywords and SERP features available for certain words. As part of our ongoing work to improve user experience and increase the practical value of the toolkit we have improved the reports using the results of our current developments:

  • Enhanced interface. Elegant, responsive, consistent, these are just some of the characteristics of our new interface, but the most important new feature is its speed. Coupled with the dynamic data display it takes Organic Research from a set of handy analytic reports to a powerful data comparison and visualization tool.
  • Dynamic charts. We believe that you’ll find very useful the real-time replotting of the reports’ charts in accordance with the applied filters, which allows the comparison of data from different databases in real time.


While we are refining the above functionalities you will retain access to both new and old versions of the reports. This will guarantee stable functioning of the toolkit and protect the users from unexpected outages during beta-testing.


Please use the ‘Go to new view’ and ‘Old version’ buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to change from one option to the other.


The current beta release features databases of 1m keywords and more, and historical data for 2018 and 2017 (for Guru, Business, and Enterprise subscriptions). As soon as the remastered Organic Research is out of beta you’ll gain access to the data in its entirety. We have high hopes for its release and largely rely on your help.

Test. Evaluate. Comment. And don’t hesitate to press the ‘Send feedback’ button - we are looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S. Organic Research reports will be followed by an updated version of Advertising & PLA Research, which will be launched at the beginning of July in the same manner, and there are more great updates on their way.

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