Calling All Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: It’s Time To Assemble Your Toolkit

August 4, 2022image

We are excited to announce that all our seller tools for Amazon (previously hosted on have moved to the Semrush App Center.


This means you can now cherry-pick individual ecommerce tools based on your goals and requirements, rather than purchasing a one-size-fits-all subscription.

Why Are the Amazon Seller Tools Moving?

Through in-depth feedback from sellers and agencies, we learned that user requirements for ecommerce solutions can often vary. By making each of our ecommerce tools available as a single app, users now have far more flexibility.

For example, if you want to supplement your Semrush subscription with additional ecommerce tools, you no longer need to purchase the full Amazon seller software suite. Instead, you can create a customizable toolkit that is based on your specific needs.

This increased alignment between Semrush, Sellzone, and our third-party App Center tools can also benefit ecommerce agencies that may wish to leverage Semrush’s tailored agency solutions.

With ecommerce strategies becoming increasingly diversified, we believe that this “building blocks” approach will enable all users to achieve their business goals more efficiently.

Which Tools Are Available?


Here are the ecommerce apps currently available in the App Center:

  • Listing Alerts: Monitor your listings and secure your Amazon store
  • Search Insights: Increase your product visibility with in-depth search performance analysis
  • Traffic Insights: Analyze the external traffic channels of any Amazon product
  • Product Research: Identify low-competition, high-demand products for your store
  • Keyword Wizard: Enhance your Amazon SEO with detailed keyword research
  • Split Testing: Easily conduct A/B tests to maximize revenue (note that this tool is free!)
  • Listing Quality Check: Get actionable tips to improve your listings’ performance
  • PPC Optimizer: Boost your Amazon advertising campaigns and achieve optimal results
  • E-commerce Keywords Analytics: Gain keyword insights from top retailers’ domains
  • Shopify Finder: Research products for your Shopify and AliExpress stores
  • Video Collector: Easily request and obtain video testimonials

New features will continue to be incorporated in these tools, and we will add more ecommerce and Amazon seller tools from third-party developers as we vet them.

You can find all the apps listed above in the ecommerce section of the Semrush App Center.

What Will Happen to Sellzone Now?

The Sellzone community will continue to flourish, with expert tips, insights, and ecommerce strategies readily available through our dedicated blog as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

To start assembling your toolkit—and to learn more about the Semrush App Center—check out our dedicated ecommerce section.