Sellzone Upgrades The Listing Quality Score: Catch and Fix Your Most Critical Listing Errors

December 2, 2021image


Sellzone is very happy to announce that the Listing Quality Score (LQS) just got even better. The Listing Quality Score (LQS) is a compound score that grades the overall quality of a listing based on our optimization guidelines, Amazon's requirements, and the official Style Guide.

Previously, the LQS within the Listing Quality Check tool was calculated by giving each quality issue/check equal weight. In reality, Amazon views certain checks as more critical than others. In fact, some negative, critical checks can get sellers banned from Amazon if the user doesn't take swift action. 

In order to give a more accurate reflection of how Amazon views listings, we have updated the LQS to give different weights to different checks. This upgrade allows users to hone in on the most critical errors in their listings first. This focus on critical errors helps mitigate Amazon bans and will enable users' listings to achieve their most tremendous growth potential through better visibility. 

The Listing Quality Score includes five grades: 

  • Perfect - Listing passes all checks, meets all Amazon requirements, complies with the Style Guide, and follows all optimization recommendations.
  • Good - Listing has some minor issues but overall performs well.
  • Decent - Listing content has a significant number of issues and should be optimized.
  • Poor - Listing has a lot of issues and requires considerable revision.
  • Bad - Listing needs an urgent overhaul.

Now, in addition to giving each listing an overall score, we divide checks into three categories: 

  • Critical - Major issues that seriously affect listing performance and can lead to suspension.
  • Recommended - Issues that should be sorted out for the best listing performance.
  • Optional - Minor problems that have little impact on listing performance. 


How to Leverage the Listing Quality Score to Easily Manage Your Listings

  1. Enter your listing’s URL or ASIN into the search box and click “Search” 


  1. When the Listing Quality Check tool has populated your listing, there are several vital pieces of information to look at (see the image below): 
  2. The right-hand corner shows the overall listing score and shows how many checks you have in each of the three designated categories (Critical, Recommended, Optional).
  3. When you click "More details," you'll get an in-depth look at each identified check. 
  4. If you disagree with the identified checks, you can hit "Disagree" to dismiss the check.
  5. The checks are broken out into Amazon Requirements, Amazon Style Guides, Best Practices, and all checks. You can click on each to see that specific check category. 
  6. If you would like to remove the listing altogether, click the trash can button.  

  1. newly improved Listing Quality Score is broken down into three categories which are labeled under each issue identified by the tool. 
  2. Using the new weighted formula, you'll be able to better assess what listings are in dire need of improvement and which are performing well and don't require as much upkeep. The LQS helps you save time and helps prevent critical errors from causing a listing removal, or worse, a ban from Amazon. 


Start managing your listings todaywith the Listing Quality Check tool