The Updated Advertising Research and PLA Research Reports Are in Open Beta!

August 16, 2018image

They say, “the only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.” Well, in that case, we care a lot, and we know you do too.

Today, we have updated two of our essential analytical reports, PLA Research and Advertising Research, which help you run your search advertising campaigns and take an inside look at your competitors' PLA strategies. Let’s see what’s new.

PLA Research

The first thing to pay attention to here is a new, enhanced design. We’ve made it handier and more flexible to work with. Positions, Competitors, PLA Copies – all reports are now available as tabs gathered in one place.  


Filtering your ads by a keyword in the Positions tab now affects not only the chart, but also metrics and trends.


Moreover, the PLA Search chart and trends have been removed from the PLA Copies report, as they were duplicated from the Positions report. Now you have a better view on your PLA copies list.


Advertising Research

The design of our Advertising Research has also undergone some changes. All reports are now available as tabs and are very easy to reach.


One of the most significant updates: we now provide you with even more up-to-date traffic data flow! Besides this, the ads are now displayed in a more functional way, more relevant to the way they are shown in Google Ads.

So here are your two enhanced ad strategy control panels. Enjoy! More functionality will be embedded very soon, and as the reports are in beta, we can’t wait to receive your feedback. Feel free to hit us up with an email at Thanks for making SEMrush better!

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