Twitter Tracker: A Breezy New Way to Keep Track of All the Important Tweets

April 26, 2022image


You get to see around 350,000 tweets a minute every single day. And this means that you might never see that important tweet.

One missed Twitter post can mean that:

  • You never addressed that customer complaint, so you failed to use your chance to turn a hater into a fan, or worse, disappointed and turned off a customer. 
  • You never received that media inquiry that would have given your brand additional PR visibility.
  • You never partnered with that brand that was looking for a co-marketing opportunity, so you didn’t capitalize on their sizable audience. 

Yes, all this can occur just because you missed a single tweet!

Luckily, Twitter Tracker is now exclusively featured on Semrush App Center! How is that good for you? It’s just the right app to help you never again miss an important Twitter post!

What is Twitter Tracker?

Twitter Tracker is an easy-to-use solution for keeping watch on all the important posts from any Twitter account. 


This app turns Twitter monitoring into something as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Specify keywords you need to monitor across thousands of Twitter accounts.
  2. Be on guard for tweets that are worthy of your attention with tailored feeds that only feature posts from the most important sources/accounts. 
  3. Keep your most important tweets and come back to them whenever you want. 

Discover an easy new way to monitor Twitter and only pay attention to posts that are truly important!

Never miss an important tweet againGet a free trial and explore the tool

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