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Site Audit

SEMrush's website SEO analysis reports will help you find and fix on-site issues
and boost SEO-optimization.

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  • Site Overview

    Over 120 on-page and technical SEO checks - from surface-level issues to critical errors. Get in-depth analysis wrapped up in holistic easy-to-read reports with an ocean of data.

    Site Overview
  • Crawlability Report

    Over 20 checks for different website indexability and crawlability parameters:

    • Crawl budget waste
    • Incoming internal links
    • Page crawl depth
    • HTTP status codes

    Crawlability Report
  • HTTPs Implementation

    The report helps you quickly detect security issues on your website:

    • Security certificate issues
    • Mixed content issues
    • Server issues, missing SNI and HSTS support
    • Website architecture issues

    HTTPs Implementation
  • Hreflang Usage

    The most time-saving way to find and fix hreflang errors:

    • Issues with hreflang values
    • Hreflang conflicts within page source code
    • Issues with incorrect hreflang links
    • Pages with potentially missing hreflang attributes

    Hreflang Usage
  • Collect statistics

    The 'Statistics' report provides users with additional useful information about crawled pages: markups, crawl depth, internal links, canonical tags, etc.

    Collect statistics
  • Track your progress

    Keep track of errors that have been fixed and see if any new issues have come up over time. Flexible settings of scheduled reporting, downloadable PDF reports.

    Track your progress

SEMrush's website SEO analysis reports will help you boost SEO-optimization.

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