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What is Impact Score in ImpactHero?

What is Impact Score in ImpactHero?

Impact Score within ImpactHero shows how much money was made from a page's impact on visitors' decision to convert based on the value of your Goals.

When calculating Impact Score we use one simple goal to calculate this metric – converting a user into a lead. We consider a lead as a person who has left their contact information. 

This can be a registration form, a subscription to a newsletter, or a simple callback request. Keep in mind that a visitor can only become a lead once.

There may be times where specific forms are more important to you than others, if this is the case for you we suggest a manual override.

These customs forms can be login, comment, review, etc.

Calculation method

Impact Score is based on the Markov chain model, specifically its Removal effect metric – which shows “what the effect will be from the removal of this page.” After calculating the number of leads that will be lost after potential removal of the page, we multiply this number by a value of the Goal, that you specified in the settings. This way, Impact Score shows the monetary value of the influence the particular page has on users' decision to convert.

Our model has been additionally trained on data specific to content marketing.

Accuracy of calculations

The accuracy of the data depends on the following parameters:

  • How many pages are counted
  • How many chains of visits are there

Basically, the more content on the site, the more traffic we need for the site. Therefore, this method of calculation will work best on sites with a large to medium traffic volume.

Impact Score will appear on the first day of data collection. By default, it will be $0 everywhere. To see the Impact Score, you need to specify the value of your Goals:

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With more traffic being gathered, the Impact Score will be refined.
As of now for an average site with traffic of 10k / month, 1-2 weeks will be enough to get quality data.

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