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What is the Difference between ImpactHero and Content Marketing Toolkit?

What is the Difference between ImpactHero and Content Marketing Toolkit?

ImpactHero is indeed a Content Marketing tool, however, it is very different from our Content Marketing Toolkit. 

While Content Marketing Toolkit focuses more on tactics and answers the questions like:

  • How to better write this particular article?
  • Which keywords should I use?
  • How to SEO-optimize the article to appeal to search engines?

ImpactHero is more about strategy and helps you with the following questions:

  • I have 3000 articles in my blog, how do I prioritize which needs to be optimized first?
  • What types of content should I create for my 3-month content plan in order to drive more sales?
  • Which articles have the greatest impact on my customers?

Another main difference is that Content Marketing Toolkit’s tools are aimed at creating SEO-optimised content to rank higher on search engines and attract traffic, while ImpactHero focuses on analyzing visitors behaviour and their preferences (by using custom tracking code), helps you to structure the content to catch users interest and take them through the whole sales funnel: from visitors, to loyal readers, then leads and ultimately - paying customers.

ImpactHero uses an AI algorithm based on a Markov chain model, that analyzes real user behaviour, helps to identify the best performing pieces and create the content strategy to maximize conversions. Content should not only bring you traffic, but also be effective on all stages of the sales funnel (attracting users, nurturing their interest, converting them to leads) and generate conversions.

ImpactHero can be used separately or as a great addition to the Content Marketing Toolkit tools.

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