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Check the average CPC in your niche across different regions

Effective advertising methods can help you expand your business. But launching a successful campaign requires thorough planning and a clear vision of what happens in the market. By understanding the potential of a local PPC strategy for your niche you can distribute your budget wisely among local ad campaigns.


People search for different things in different places and the average cost per click may differ by location. The CPC Map tool helps businesses that target multiple locations within one country find out how advertising costs vary across different regions or states. The tool is an interactive map that displays the average CPC for multiple industries: from Banking and Legal to Fashion and Sport.


Find the most and least expensive locations to place your ads. Choose your industry and check the average CPC in that niche in different areas. You can also check how costs change over time and see the trend for the next month!

Compare CPC vs. search volume to find “hidden gems” in your niche

Understanding the potential value of keywords in a certain niche is challenging, yet still very important for a winning advertising campaign. As a PPC strategist, you need to analyze both PPC costs and PPC demand to make data-informed decisions.


Compare the average cost per click and the average search volume in the niche you work in to find the most receptive and affordable regions for your PPC campaign. For example, you work in the Jewelry industry. Using the CPC Map tool, you can search for states where demand for this kind of service is high and the average CPC is lower than in other regions. Those locations can be your “hidden gems”! To validate your hypothesis, run an A/B test.


On the other hand, if there is low demand for your services, let’s say, in Texas and New Mexico, and the CPC is considerably high, you might not want to target these states. These insights will help you distribute your advertising budget more effectively and achieve clicks from relevant traffic, at a cheaper rate.

Find unlimited ideas for A/B testing and experiments

PPC split testing takes time and effort, but the potential payoff can be enormous. By running A/B tests you can find out what works and then scale it. Data provided by CPC Map is an inexhaustible source of ideas for A/B testing.

  • Discover the most expensive and most popular keywords in your industry in a particular region
  • Unleash the power of branded keywords
  • Discover locations with higher PPC potential

Explore local competition in SEO and PPC

Both SEO and PPC help you drive targeted traffic to your website. But how do you decide which strategies you should focus on first? By analyzing data from CPC Map you can better understand which tactics provide higher potential for your business.


Use the tool to pinpoint regions with high average CPC for your niche. If you’re going to target these “expensive” locations, it may be worth aiming your efforts at SEO to attract organic traffic. On the other hand, if you target areas with moderate CPC, you can consider launching a PPC campaign, since competition for paid search ad slots in the SERPs in these locations is not so fierce, and your PPC campaign can provide a good ROI.